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The Linville Gorge

The Linvile Gorge in Western North Carolina, is one of those true American hidden gems. It’s called by some the “Grand Canyon of the East”. It’s not a national park, but a designated Wilderness, surrounded by the Pisgah National Forest. Steep cliffs, vast views, interesting geological formations, waterfalls, and the swift flowing cascades of the Linville River are a few of the rewards to those who traverse the rugged, unmarked trails.

I did a 3 day 2 night photography focused hiking trip starting at Bable Tower Trail. I connected to the Linville Gorge Trail which skirts along the Linville River and found a nice campsite near the water. The next day I hiked Spence Ridge Trail and climbed Little Table Rock. I set up camp at the summit and relaxed the remainder of the afternoon on a cliff overlooking the deep canyon below.

The Linvile Gorge Wilderness is one of my favorite destinations for amazing camping and hiking opportunities. I strongly recommend bringing a map of the region, a compass and GPS if you’re planning a backcountry adventure.

Treat the area with respect and the reward will be mind blowing!

– J-dub

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